1.King Manzello"left", B Flat * This is a Saxello body with the small bell from a Conn Double Bell Euphonium

2.Buescher Curved Tip Soprano / B Flat,Original Advertisement, Curved Tip Soprano.PDF and .JPG

3.Buecher Straight Alto / Key of E Flat, Stritch Advertisement, Buescher Straight Alto Sax.JPG

4.Lyon and Healy Slide Sax / Key of C / Snub Mosley's, Mention "Misery Maker"    Snub/Skip Ad

5.C.G.Conn Bass Sax / Key of B Flat / Original Advertisement, Conn Mezzo Soprano

6. Raffiel and Husted Slide Sax / Key of C, Snub.JPG and Royal Slide Saxophone.JPG

7. Conn O Sax / Key of F, Original Advertisement, Conn-O-Sax Ad.PDF and Conn-O-Sax Ad.JPG

8. King Saxello / Key of B Flat ~ Original Advertisement , King Saxello.PDF and King Saxello.JPG
9. Martin American Professional / Key of B Flat, King Curtis.JPG

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