Set Ups or Playing Conditions

1. Correction of Major Mechanical Problems, and any Soldering Needed.

2.Re-seat ALL PADS then replace Pads, Corks, Felts, and Springs necessary.

3. Complete Alignment, then personally played by myself and adjusted to the best possible playing condition attainable. Only the Highest Standards are Acceptable.

*A General Cleaning and a thorough lubrication is included ~

A 30 Day Guarantee on all playing conditions is provided Free of Charge:

Adjustments can be done at anytime during the 30 day period. At the end of a 30 day settling period instrument should be re-checked and re-regulated if necessary and is included in the guarantee. Cost averages from $250-350.

If you need a Set Up / Playing Condition, SVS available Sept 15 - May 1
Please Call Dr Rick 212-243-1276,
thanks, dR

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